Effort to make Dream, Dongkuk S&C will go in advance
Recruitment Process

We hope many talented people who will lead Dongkuk S&C apply for our company.


  • STEP 1Posting a job opening
    We post a job opening on our homepage and other media when we have a recruitment plan
  • STEP 2Job application
    Job application is available online as well as visiting and postal mailing. However, if the application is submitted online, relevant documents shall be attached. In the case of postal mailing, the application form and relevant documents shall arrive by the deadline.
  • STEP 3Document review
    The recruitment department and the relevant department carefully examine the documents and notify successful applicants individually.
  • STEP 4Interviews
    Interviews can be conducted up to a second interview depending on the circumstances, and additional foreign language speaking test or PT interview may be conducted depending on the application field.
  • STEP 5Medical examination
  • STEP 6Announcement of successful applicants
    The final successful applicants will be informed individually and become the member of Dongkuk S&C.


Person in charge of recruitment Mr. Kwang-yeol Lee / Deputy General Manager
Tel 054-271-0552
Address 62, Deasong-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do